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We invite you to collaborate with students who are dreaming big. Check out our 2019 student Dreams here!


Community Member Profiles

Our community members are invaluable! Here are a few stories of some of their experiences.

It’s a unique idea and incorporates many of the best practices in youth development (supportive adults, opportunities for learning and growth, appropriate structure, efficacy and mattering, prosocial norms). The concept strikes me as simple and powerful, which appeals to me.
— Kristen


Jason’s story coming soon!

This was definitely personally fulfilling, and I hope, added value to the student.



Liz’s story coming soon!


I appreciated being able to share insights of my particular career - especially those of which the general public may not be aware. I was very happy about speaking with a young female in the hopes of proving a positive influence on a future career.
— Jenny


Lauren’s story coming soon!

The vision for this idea is really amazing and so powerful. These are the kinds of things that can make a difference!


Q: I’m in interested in Partnering with a student. What happens after I sign up?

A: First of all, thank you for dreaming with us! Once we find a student whose dream matches with your passions and/or expertise, we will contact you and discuss arrangements for a meeting with your student. We will provide you with guidance that will help make your collaboration go as smoothly as possible. Then we will go from there!

Q: I’m interested in partnering with a student but i can’t commit to an hour a week for five weeks. Can i still participate?

A: Right now we can only accommodate community members who can meet during four of the five weeks. We require a minimum commitment of four hours of collaborative work with students.

Q: I’m interested in partnering with a student but i can’t commit to the specified times. Can I still participate?

A: At this point, we can only accept community members who are able to meet at the specified times (from 12-1pm or btw 3-5pm). However, you do not need to meet at the same time each week. During some weeks you could meet over lunch and other weeks you could meet in the late afternoon.

Q: I’m a stay-at-home parent and interested in partnering with a students but don’t have expertise in a particular area. How can i help?

A: You don’t need to be a professional in order to partner with a student — just a passion and an interest in sharing it! Do you have particular hobbies like photography, cooking, teaching, or athletics? We are looking to build a diverse group of community partners, and we could benefit from your unique skills and interests.

Q: I would like to support a student but cannot partner with them on a project. How can I help?

A: Students participating in The Dream Project will likely need supplies to make their projects a success. You can purchase supplies directly, donate money to go toward a specific project, or donate to our general fund and request that it go to a project in need.

Q: What happens after the project is over?

A: That is up to you and your student! With mutual consent and parent/guardian permission, you are free to exchange contact information and stay in communication for years to come. In fact, we encourage it! Every major study shows that the success of a student is directly correlated to their network of supportive adults. Imagine if you were able to go to your partner’s high school graduation and see them more fully realize their dreams!

Q: If I donate to The Dream Project, how will my gift be used?

A: We will use general donations to go toward project supplies as well as enhance our website, cover programming costs, and fund our 501c3 application process.  Donors can also specify preferred uses (e.g. specific project materials, etc.)

Q: I’d like to donate to the dReam PRoject. is my donation tax deductible?

A: Not yet. At this point, The Dream Project is not a 501c3 organization, which means we cannot provide you with a tax ID number for your charitable contribution. Nevertheless, we can assure you that funds will go directly towards project work and we will keep you updated on the impacts of your giving.

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